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#1 reason people don’t work out? Time. We’ll give you the workout AND save you time.

Burn Fat for Hours

Shorter BURST training workouts have been use by Olympic athletes for years because of the proven effectiveness.

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Login from your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone and do your workout anywhere! No gym required.


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Our mission is to empower you with simple and effective fitness solutions that will save you time, maximize your time, and free up quality time so you can invest in who and what is most important to you.

Our philosophy is simple: Go hard. Save time. Get more. Gone are the days of having to sweat for hours to try to burn fat and shrink your waistline. BURSTClub’s exclusive mobile burst training programs take a quarter of the time of most workouts and will get you burning up to 9x more fat.

You can say it…It’s About Time.

Quick. Convenient. Results.

Think of BURSTClub as the mobile “gym in your pocket.” We offer custom designed workout programs and personal coaching - all conveniently located at your fingertips.

Too many of us are stressed out, on overload, and constantly running on the treadmill of life - yet not getting the results we want. Making it to the gym or working out for hours feels daunting. We get it. Your time is valuable. That is why BURSTClub is all about time.

BURSTClub Nashville

We Are So Confident You'll Love the Results,
We're Offering You A Money Back Guarantee!

Why Join The Club?

  • CONVENIENT – Workout anytime, anywhere
  • SAVES TIME – Workouts take just 15 minutes
  • REAL RESULTS – Burn fat and build lean muscle for hours
  • NO GUESSING – Workout program laid out for you daily
  • COACHING – Daily exercise videos from Coach Nathan & Jenni
  • CUSTOM MUSIC – BURSTTraxx™ guide you through each workout
  • TRACKING – Custom calendar for tracking your progress
  • SIMPLE – Just log in daily, push play on your music, and BURST!

Where conventional exercise methods can take hours a day yet leave us frustrated by little to no results, our BURST training programs get you the ultimate, 24-hour fat-burning response in just a few minutes of exercise. Our 3 Sets, 3 Rounds, 3 Minute™ system contains the secret to a rockin’, healthy bod. So what are you waiting for? Let’s BURST!

Burn 9x More Fat in Less Than 1/2 The Time

Burst Training, similar to High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT), is short, intense bursts of exercise followed by a brief rest. Studies show that burst training is the single most effective way to exercise to burn fat. Exclusive to BURSTClub™ is B.U.R.S.T™ - Body’s Ultimate Response Shock Training™.

BURSTClub 24-Hour Fat Burn

We Are So Confident You'll Love the Results,
We're Offering You A Money Back Guarantee!